End of Season Awards

The Church of Hoops MVP and All-Stars

This season has been one of the most exciting seasons to date. Featuring an undefeated team, a few teams almost join the 0 losses club, ultimately making their respective league exciting, it has been one to remember. 

The high calibre of competition this season is credit to the hard work put in by our coaches and players. The development made this year was epitomised by Dunfermline Reign, after a decade of loosing records, they dominated the league this year, allowing them to lift their first ever senior title

This season has also witnessed 2 teams venture in to English competition, with Edinburgh Kings entering their second year in the BasketballEngland National League at U16/18 level and Stirling Knights entering the U16 National Cup. 

This season introduces a first ever for Scottish Basketball. We handed the votes over to the coaches, captains and the fans of Scottish Basketball to choose who they felt was a League MVP or All-Star. Some were very clear cut, some were very difficult to choose. 

With hundreds of votes coming across our social media and from coaches, we narrowed it down and tried to include the very best. You’ll notice, the U18 Men category was exceptionally difficult, which shows the excellent talent we have on show!

Senior Men

MVP: Boris Matrakov (Fury)


Bantu Burroughs (Fury) 

Craig Ferguson (Reign) 

Nick Collins (St Mirren) 

Chris Cleary (St Mirren) 

Jake Sirrell (Reign)

Honourable Mentions Fergus Harte (St Mirren) Calum Nicol (Kings) Konrad Kantorski (Kings) Laurits Juffer (Reign) Nestor Lasuncion (Storm), Adam Hammerschmidt (Fury)    

Senior Women

MVP: Yhana Van Wees (Lady Rocks)

2018-19 SBC Women League MVP: Yhana Van Wees (Lady Rocks) 


Emma Findlay (Kats) 

Khera Ross (Fever) 

Alex Nelson (Kats) 

Rebecca Cleary (St Mirren) 

Erin Gilbride (Lady Rocks)

Honourable Mentions Nadele Strain (Lady Rocks), Shannon Flippard (Fury), Taylor McKeown (Lady Rocks), Jenna Beattie (Fury) Nicole Davidson (St Mirren)

U18 Men

MVP: Robbie Stevenson (St Mirren) 

Scottish Cup Finalist: Robbie Stevenson


Drew Pennie (Reign) 

Brad Low (St Mirren)

Sam Owens (Fury) 

Jake Cavanagh (Fury)

Jack Meldrum (Wolves) 

Honourable Mentions Shaun Thomas (Rocks), Rob Gilmour (Knights), Gregor Morgan (Reign), Scott Lothian (Fury), Paul Gibbons (Ayr Storm D2), Sh

U18 Women

MVP: Abby Cowan 


Shannon Beattie (Lady Rocks) 

Fiona Waddle (St Mirren) 

Laura Collins (St Mirren) 

Molly McHugh (Wolves) 

Maela Faleu (Lady Rocks)

 Honourable Mentions: Ella Doherty (Perth Phoenix) Sophie Laughran (Lady Rocks) Rebecca Gunn (Colliers) Katrina Kirsop (Fury) Katie McEwan (Fury)

U16 Men

MVP: Euan Birch (St Mirren)


Callum McGlasson (Knights)

Emmanuel Kanwei (St Mirren)

Matthew Keegan (Ayr Storm D2)

Jack Hencher (Knights)

Euan Johnstone (Reign)

Honourable Mentions: Owen Heddle, Kieran Fagan, Calum Mortimer

U16 Women

MVP: Tarynn Cummins (Perth Phoenix)


Ella Doherty (Perth Phoenix)

Elizabeth Brown (Lady Rocks)

Eabha Kerr (Knights Fury Central)

Marie Morrison (Lions)

Abby Rutter (Knights Fury Central)

Honourable Mentions: Daisy Ross (Perth) Neve Mitchell (St Mirren) Caitlyn MacDonald (Lions) Lucy Lemmon (Wolves) Grace Gormley (Glasgow City)

Coach of the Year

This season has seen many coaches reach the highest level of excellence as they took their teams on a successful path. From Colin Haldane leading The Lady Rocks to the SBC Women’s title, to Liam Stevenson leading a brand new group of players to a Scottish Cup Final and a 15-3 League record, taking them to second in the U18 Men’s league. That very same league had Keith Bunyan’s Fury side remain undefeated until the final couple of weeks of the season as they finished 17-1 and lifted the League title. 

Staying on the men’s side, Les McGlasson has taken his U16 boys to back-to-back undefeated seasons as they lifted the league and Cup and will look strong going into Playoffs. Scotland wasn’t enough for McGlasson as he took his side into the BasketballEngland National Cup. Onto Senior Men, Dunfermline Reign created history as they lifted the Men’s title. Captain Kieran Lynch credited the achievement to their coach, Kevin Pringle, with his relaxed approach and the defence he installed this season. 

Back with the women and Erin Gilbride managed a playing and coaching role as she lifted the Senior title as a player and coached her U18 Women to the title as well. Up north to Perth finally, Russel Kesson has been building his female core for a few years and has brought success to Phoenix as they have lifted back to back league titles, going undefeated as they also lifted the Scottish Cup this season. 

A tough group to choose just one. 

However, after careful deliberation and counting the huge amount of votes we received on social media, The Church of Hoops has named Stirling Knights Les McGlasson as this seasons SBC Coach of the Year.

Export player of the Year

This award covers the Scottish players that kit up in other countries around the globe. With the majority in England, we have a good number in America and across Europe, for the full list look here.

We shortlisted our extensive roster down to a final 4 between Callan Low (Myerscough) Megan Jones (Riders) Fraser Malcolm (Black Hill State) and Chris Feeney (Barking Abbey).

Averaging almost 2 blocks in the professional ranks with Leicester Riders whilst still being a Junior at Charnwood College, future UC Davis commit, Megan Jones has been awarded this seasons Export Player of the Year.