SBC Power Rankings

Soho Wealth SBC Men’s and Women’s Power Rankings after week 6.

Six weeks into the season and the Soho Wealth SBC Men’s and Women’s league tables are starting to settle down and take shape. With one round of the Scottish Cup also completed, there has been plenty of basketball played and it’s clear to see, league standings aren’t everything.

We thought it was time there was more than just a league table in Scottish Basketball, enjoy.

Men’s Week 6 Power Rankings

Now, looking at the top, Falkirk Fury sit the undisputed #1 ranked team at the moment, undefeated in 6 (league games, despite their nail biting loss to Blaze), this season has looked promising for John Bunyan’s side. Losing last years Men’s MVP Boris Matrakov (returned to his native home) as well as the highly decorated Austrian Adam Hammerschmidt (signed with St Mirren), things didn’t look amazing for Fury. However, welcoming a trio of fresh young talent, headlined by American Makaleb McInnis who has lit up the league.

St Mirren sit below the reigning League champions, Dunfermline, purely for Dunfermline’s unbeaten start. St Mirren only hold 1 loss, to Fury, and have made light work of the league so far, despite having an ‘easier’ schedule as some would say. A new coach, new system and new players such as Hammerschmidt and Ali Salimy, things are looking bright. Dunfermline have come out of the gates strongly, showing they are a force to be reckoned with again this year. A good blend of young exciting talent and experienced veterans has given them the boost they need.

Kings fall narrowly below Saints only as their current winning streak is shorter and they fell to St Mirren in week 2 of the season, but again, this is no knock on their season so far, Edinburgh could very well be in contention for more than one title this year.

After Kings, it is a bit of a free for all, Blaze have been unlucky with the record they have so far, competitive in every game, little things have been going against them. Having only faced top 4 teams, and Edinburgh Lions, Boroughmuir have had a tougher schedule than most. A convincing win over the Lions shows that, hopefully, they should be able to handle business and finish strongly.

Women’s Week 6 Power Rankings

On to the Soho Wealth SBC Women and this was a trickier task than the Mens table.

Lady Rocks resume their dominance of Scottish Basketball with multiple double digit wins to add to their collection so far. City of Edinburgh are right there with them, a 61 point win over Glasgow Uni and a 27 point win over Edinburgh Uni has shown the league that their offence is clicking nicely under new head coach, Craig Nicol.

St Mirren at #3 and Edinburgh Uni at #4 was the first tough choice, having played a game more, Edinburgh do have the added loss going against them as well as a lower basket difference than Saints. Donnie MacDonald’s new look side have taken some blistering wins, especially in the all academic clash against Glasgow. However, a loss to Perth Phoenix, who St Mirren beat, edged the Saints out on top.

Sitting in the bottom half, Falkirk Fury, Glasgow Fever and Perth Phoenix all sit on a 2-3 record. This was another tough one as Fury are currently on a 1 game win streak while Fever and Phoenix are both on two losses. To add to the confusion, Fever beat Fury and Fury beat Phoenix so we think we’ve got it right. Fury themselves have also enjoyed some big scorelines and good results against opponents higher up the table. Fever have struggled to keep up in some games and Perth are finding the correct mix of veteran and youth.

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