Week 7 Power Rankings

The Soho Wealth SBC Men and Women Power Rankings

[ ] denotes last weeks standing


– 1 – Falkirk Fury [1] 6-0

Fury remain a top of the power rankings again as they stay the only undefeated team in the league. Fury’s offence has remained the most productive in the league, second in total points, their 92.8 ppg is the clear cut highest per game average. A top level offence can only take you so far, if your defence can’t get stops and Fury have the second best defence in the nation allowing 68.3 ppg. 

2 – St Mirren [3] 7-1

St Mirren have only lost to Fury, in the opening week of the season and leapfrogged the reigning SBC Champions, Dunfermline, after they fell to Kings last weekend. Saints continued their unbeaten run with a tough win over Glasgow University, which proved a harder task than season records would suggest. Coming in with the second best offence in the league at 88.1 ppg and the 3rdbest ranked defence, allowing 69.1 ppg, new Head Coach Matt Giroux will be happy with how his first season in charge is going. 

3 – Edinburgh Kings [4] 5-1 

The best defence in the league remains in the capital. Allowing 66.8 pgg, the team have really slowed everyone’s pace down and disrupting their offence. Their 4thplaced offence at 80.1 ppg sits narrowly behind Dunfermline, who they defeated last weekend 104-81. 

4 – Dunfermline Reign [2] 4-1

The current SBC Champions got off to a solid start to the season, facing teams in the bottom half of the table. A trip to Portobello last weekend gave Dunfermline their first “top 4” clash in league action and with Kings getting stronger and stronger each week with their new look squad, it proved to be a tough test. Over the season however, Reign have ranked 3rdin offence at 81 ppg and 4thin defence, allowing 70 ppg, a number that will have greatly been impacted by their 23 point loss to Edinburgh. 

– 5 – Boroughmuir Blaze [5] 2-4

Two wins on the bounce for Blaze will keep spirits high as they look to push on for the rest of the season. Sitting bang in the middle of the table for the league and 5thin offence and defence, 71.3 and 73.2 ppg respectively, it has been a tough season so far as they started the season taking on the “top 4” in their opening 4 games. They narrowly take the spot over Perth due to their current streak and for Perth’s far poorer defensive ranking. 

6 – Perth Phoenix [7] 2-3

A 38 point loss to St Mirren in recent weeks has really dented their defensive ranking, sitting 8that 89.8 ppg allowed and 6thin offence at 70.8 pgg, the 19 point deficit doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season. A solid 10 point win over Lions last weekend will hopefully kickstart their season, with Blaze next in the league, that could prove crucial for the rest of the season and both teams will be looking to win. 

7 – Glasgow University [8] 0-5

Now, bear with us. For a team without a win, these young students are nothing to be scoffed at. We really debated strongly putting them higher up. Losing to Perth in the opening game of the season, the new look team hadn’t had the same opportunity to gel as regular National League clubs. Then going on to play the current top 4 and give each one of them a run for their money, losing to #1 side Fury by only 6, these guys could very well cause some upsets in the Playoffs. Sitting 7thin both offence and defence at 68.6 and 79.6 pgg respectively, the numbers don’t always accurately portray their season. Watch out for these guys. 

8 – Ayrshire Tornadoes [6] 1-4

Bumped up the power rankings last week due to their first win of the season and matching surrounding teams records, the Ayrshire stock has slumped a little bit this week. No knock on the squad, with Glasgow’s respect rising due to their schedule – they leapfrog them. They fall down the rankings also as they sit last in offence and defence scoring only 62 ppg and allowing a massive 90 ppg. 

– 9 – Edinburgh Lions [9] 0-7

The Lions looked promising a few weeks ago when they took on St Mirren, catching fire early on in the first half, their shooting and ball movement was impressive. Ranking second last in offence at 62.7 ppg, they certainly haven’t stayed ‘on fire’. Despite their offensive woes, things have been a little better on defence, now no miracles, they’re still allowing 15.6 ppg more than what they’re scoring [78.3 ppg], they do rank 6thin the league, meaning they’re doing a better job stopping the ball than some, just not quite executing on both ends of the floor. 


1 – City of Edinburgh Kats [2] 5-0

Edinburgh have been flying this season under new Head Coach Craig Nicol. Coming in at #2 last week, we had a tough decision between two undefeated teams, as Lady Rocks sit 6-0. Kats have just nudged Rocks off first spot as the capital side rank first in both ends of the court, scoring 75.2 ppg and holding their opponents to 38.6 ppg. 

2 – Lady Rocks [1] 6-0

Second in offence and third in defence, scoring 74.3 ppg and allowing 40.5 ppg, really is the only reason why St Maurice’s side sit #2 this week. Coming off a solid 74-57 win over Edinburgh University was one of their toughest tasks of the season. The two sides won’t see each other until the 15th, with Kats facing Edinburgh University before that. 

– 3 – St Mirren [3] 4-1

St Mirren have only fallen to Lady Rocks so far and coming it at #3 for offence at 61.5 ppg and #2 on defence at 38.8 ppg, they have been fairly dominant this year. Having won most of their games (bar Rocks) by 20-30 points, execution on the court is going well. Very well. 

– 4 – Edinburgh University [4] 3-3

Donnie MacDonald and his young Edinburgh University side remain at #4 as they slide to 3-3 after a tough loss to Lady Rocks. The last team with a positive point differential, they come in 4thin offence and defence, scoring 59.5 ppg and giving up 50.8 ppg. They’ll be looking to return to winnings ways as they take on Kats in an all-Edinburgh Derby, halting their unbeaten run will be an added incentive. 

5 – Perth Phoenix [7] 3-3

Picking up a dominant 89-34 win last week over Glasgow University will spring Phoenix into a streak of wins as they have Glasgow Fever. Averaging 53.2 points a contest puts them at #5 but they narrowly (like really narrowly) let themselves down defensively as they allow 53.3 points a game, making them good for #6 defensively. Perth and Falkirk split each other up in the efficiency, but we give Perth the nudge in the rankings purely for their recent scoring margins of victory.

6 – Falkirk Fury [5] 3-3

Their narrow 3 point win over winless side WL Wolves is the only thing splitting Falkirk and Perth. Coming in at #6 in offence, 51.5 ppg, and fifth in defence, 52.8 ppg, they hover in and around the same efficiency as Perth, with the same record. A spanner must be thrown into the works, Fury took down Phoenix by 31 points in the early weeks of the season, but for this week, Fury trail behind. 

7 – Glasgow Fever [6] 2-4

Sitting higher up the rankings last week, Fever drop down the list as they were taken down by Kats last weekend and their court efficiency drops with their scorelines. Coming in second last in offence at 43.5 ppg, they sit above Glasgow University and below winless Wolves. Third from the bottom defensive effort, 58.8 ppg, isn’t a truly fair reflection on their games, they sit, by far, closer to the middle to the table than the two numbers below them, both north of 70 ppg. 

– 8 – Glasgow University [8] 1-5

Nothing changes for Glasgow in their rankings, another excruciating loss this season, this time to St Mirren has continued their tough outings in the league. Sitting bottom of the oPPg, scoring just 37 a game, they give up a staggering 71.2 points a contest. With some strong talent currently out with broken limbs, things could start to look better for this young side as the season progresses. 

– 9 – West Lothian Wolves [9] 0-7

It’s been another tough week for Dave Evans’ side, they could smell their first win of the season last weekend, only for it to be snatched away by 3 points in Falkirk. Wolves have been the 6thmost productive side on the offensive end, putting up 45.9 ppg, despite all their effort offensively they rank last defensively in the country, allowing 77.7 ppg. A mix of young and new talent, they lost a lot of their youth products as they headed to Edinburgh University, but their first win of the season is not far away.